Machinable Glass Ceramic
Machinable Glass Ceramics

Machinable Glass Ceramic

Machinable Glass Ceramic is an outstanding engineering material and is machinable with ordinary metalworking tools. It has a low thermal conductivity and is a useful high temperature insulator. Further more, it is an excellent electrical insulator and has a high maximum use temperature (800°C continuous, 1000°C peak). No longer is it necessary to staff a ceramic specialist with high temperature kilns or specialized diamond grinding equipment. 

Main Properties of Machinable Glass Ceramic
 Type - Glass Ceramic
 Density g/cm3 2.55
 Color - white
 Water Absorption % 0
 Young Modulus Gpa 65
 Vickers Hardness Gpa -
 Compressive Strength Mpa 500
 Flexural Strength Mpa 100
 Thermal Conductivity  W/m.K  1.70
 Thermal Shock Resistance  Δ(°C) 25 - 100
 Max. Working Temp. °C 1000
 Volume Resistivity Ω ·cm 10^16
 Dielectric Constant - 6.02
 Dielectric Strength kV/mm 40
* Tests under room temperature environment;
* The above information is offered for comparison only. Exact
>>> Machining
Machining tolerances are surprisingly tight, up to10 microns (.0005”).It can bemachined to a surfacefinishof less than 0.5 micron (20 microinch) and polished to a smoothness of 125 angstroms 0.5 microinch) average roughness. Most conventionalmachining processes can be used. Configurationsare limited only by available equipment and theexperience of the machinist.
>>> Typical Applications
- Precision coil formers, high voltage insulators
- Laser industry 
- Spacers/reflectors/cavities in laser assemblies
- High vacuum industry 
- Thermal breaks
- Coil supports
- Vacuum feedthroughs
- Aerospace/space industry
* We also provide machining services according
to customers specifications or drawings.