Fluid Control System
Ceramic Piston Ceramic Pump Lining Ceramic Cylinder Ceramic Plunger Ceramic Liner

The UNIPRETEC pump module incorporates a ceramic piston/valve/cylinder set with housing. Basic available ceramics include alumina, zirconia and silicon nitride. The housing for our piston/valve/cylinder sets are typically comprised of 316L Stainless Steel. Custom materials can be used and are available upon request. The piston/valve/cylinder set is sealed by the fit of the piston into the cylinder. UNIPRETEC pump modules are positive displacement mechanisms that do not contain external valves and can run for hundreds of millions of cycles without measurable wear.

>>> Basic features
- Mated, serialized piston/valve/cylinder sets
- Tight clearance
- Minimal friction
- Low fluid shear
- Withstand autoclaving & sterilization procedures
- Chemically inert to most acids, alkalines or solvents
- Extremely hard, resist abrasion and wear
- No external seals needed due to tight clearance
- Titanium end cap press fit onto piston 
- Eliminates adhesive contamination problems
- Low maintenance
>>> Main Applications
For accurate metering and mixing of paint & pigment additives, catalyst for foundry resins, plating bath regeneration, petroleum additives, photo chemicals, inks, monomers and adhesives.
For precise dispensing, aspirating, rinsing & mixing systems and for syringe pump replacement in diagnostic, clinical chemistry, dialysis and medical equipment manufacturing. Also for dispensing adhesives and lubricants used in assembly of disposable medical components.

Dispensing Systems
For dispensing of solvents, UV adhesives, lubricants, reagents, mercury in the manufacture of electronics, pharmaceutical, medical disposables, computers, and calibration equipment.

Spraying Systems
For injection of insecticides, herbicides, and agricultural nutrients. Also used in ULV spray equipment for mosquito control.

Cosmetic & Hygiene
Used for precision dispensing of pigments used in cosmetic color mixing systems. Also for moisture control and fragrance addition in the manufacture of diapers and sanitary napkins.