Aluminum Nitride Ceramics
Aluminum Nitride AlN Substrate AlN Ceramic AlN Insulator

Aluminum Nitride Ceramics

Aluminum Nitride(AlN) combine high thermal conductivity with strong electrical resistance, making AlN an excellent solution for many electronic applications. Unlike many electronically insulative materials-which are often also thermally insulative. AlN allows electrical systems to dissipate heat quickly in order to maintain maximum efficiency.

Main Properties of Alumium Nitride Ceramics
 Type Unit  AlN
 Density g/cm3   3.30  
 Color - grey
 Water Absorption % 0
 Young Modulus Gpa 310
 Vickers Hardness Gpa 8
 Compressive Strength Gpa  2.1
 Flexural Strength Mpa  450
 Thermal Conductivity  W/m.K  175-180
 Thermal Shock Resistance - excellent
 Volume Resistivity Ω ·cm > 10^14
 Dielectric Constant - 8.90
 Dielectric Strength kV/mm 17
* Tests under room temperature environment;
* The above information is offered for comparison only. Exact
properties will vary depending on the manufacturing method
and part configuration.
Key Attributes&Advantages of Alumium Nitride Ceramics

- High heat dissipation with thermal conductivity 170 W/m.K 
- Non-toxic alternative to BeO
- Thermal expansion coefficient similar to Si, GaN, and GaAs semiconductors 
- High dielectric strength
- very low porosity
- Pressure Assisted Densification(PAD)
- Utilizes hot pressing technology